About Chocoyo

Fresh local ingredients combined with melt-in-the-mouth high quality chocolate are the trademarks of Nelson artisan producer Chocoyo. French-born owner Yoann Martichon holds a Masters Degree in Chocolate from Paris and has worked with some of the world's most prestigious chocolatiers.

Since moving to Nelson in 2015, he’s developed his own brand Chocoyo, using the finest of local ingredients and delicious chocolate to create an explosion of mouth flavours.

Fresh lime juice, Fresh mint (grown in his garden), Tasman raspberry and Tahitian vanilla, Crème brûlée, Masala chai (made using Mister Chai spice) and Marlborough Sea Salt Caramel are among the flavours found in each box of six marbled chocolates. Monthly limited edition flavours including Tasman blackcurrant, locally grown apple, strawberry, hazelnut and more also available.